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Sustainability Support Services and Guides

Our learning resources and support center are designed to help you integrate sustainable practices in all aspects of your hotel’s operations, with hands-on support at every stage of the process.

Sustainability support services

How-to guides and training videos

Sustainable tourism how-to guides and training videos for your whole team.

If you want to embed sustainable operations in the DNA of your hotel, team buy-in is critical. The Weeva platform comes with built-in learning resources, created by sustainability experts for your whole team.


  • Access practical guides that break down key sustainable tourism concepts in simple language. Our Eduguides are easily shareable, ensuring your entire team is on board and ready to do their bit.
  •  Leverage free training videos that give you a guided walkthrough of Weeva. These videos walk you through the platform, helping you to quickly grasp our tool and get the most out of its features.

Sharing is caring! Access one of our popular task guides: Reducing food waste.

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Education guides sustainable tourism

Tasks and tools

Let sustainability experts guide your next steps.

Created by sustainable tourism experts, our tasks and tools are best practice documents that nudge you along your sustainability journey.

No need to figure out what to do next—our tasks and tools give you those answers, incrementally improving your hotel’s operations and allowing your team to be more efficient (and happier) at work.

Take, for example, our single-use plastic water bottle elimination guide: an expert-crafted guide to help you eliminate single-use plastic bottles from your hotel. It's designed to help you quantify the issue and develop plans and processes that reduce your use of plastics across your departments.

Sustainability guide

Support center

One-on-one sustainability support for your hotel.

Our way of working is simple. Log a ticket on the platform or send us an email and we'll quickly provide answers to any platform- or sustainability-related questions.

If you need more intensive help, our technical experts offer free one-on-one system navigation training where you get a guided walkthrough of the platform.

No generic emails or canned responses – we only have technical specialists and sustainability experts handling your queries.

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More solutions for your hotel

Sustainability Targets

Set realistic targets

Start with what you have and improve based on your consumption. Go beyond just measuring and strive for positive impact.

Data Analytics

Transform data you already have, into new insights

Generate rich new sustainability insights from information you already have, such as electricity bills and basic employee information.

Sustainability Data Capture

Collect all your data in one place

Create a single source of truth for your data, whether you're starting at zero or scaling your sustainability practice.

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