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Transforming hotel sustainability management, intelligently.

Simply put, sustainability isn’t simple. The biggest hurdle hotels face is understanding where to begin or what to do next.

Weeva AI has arrived to meet you where you're at.

We have integrated Generative AI to bring you a tool that feels less like a smart piece of software and more like a sustainability super-assistant for your whole team.

Weeva AI prompts

Weeva AI Sustainability Chatbot

Fast-track your journey to operating a sustainable hotel.

Now your whole team can learn from sustainability experts at a previously unimaginable scale.

  • Ask Weeva AI any sustainability-related question and receive an instant response*.
  • Still don't know the best place to start? Use our prompts to swiftly master the art of getting the most from Weeva.
  • You own and control your business data in Weeva AI. We do not train our bot on your business data or conversations, and we ask for your consent before accessing any of your data.

*We’ve carefully curated our chatbot’s knowledge base using our expert content to safeguard you against the risk of false information. Weeva AI can make mistakes but we're always improving our knowledge base. We encourage you and your team to consistently ask questions.

Weeva AI chatbot

Weeva AI Platform Navigation Chatbot

Weeva AI is your virtual guide to navigating the Weeva framework. With any new system there’s a learning curve for your team – now you can skip ahead and minimise the need for support calls or emails.

Have a natural conversation with Weeva AI, and let it guide you through the platform, saving you valuable time and simplifying the experience for your hotel.

Sustainability Management Platform Weeva Ai navigate the system

Weeva AI Chart Summaries

Summarise your dashboards in one click.

The toughest part of analysing your business is drawing valuable insights from your data. Weeva AI summarises your charts in one click, offering key information instantly.

Make informed, nuanced decisions faster, enabling your hotel to stay ahead of the competition.

Weeva AI charts interpretation

Weeva AI Safety and Security

A focus on safety and responsibility.

We're approaching the world of AI boldly and responsibly. That means being ambitious in our research and pursuing capabilities that will bring enormous benefits to hotels, while building safeguards and working collaboratively with sustainability experts to address risks as Weeva AI becomes more capable.

We only access data for which you've given explicit consent and consistently learn from human feedback to enhance Weeva AI's performance.

Weeva AI data security

More solutions for your hotel

Sustainability Guides

Get your whole team upskilled

Practical educational resources are built into each parameter (or sustainability section). Designed for absolute beginners.

Sustainability Targets

Set realistic targets

Start with what you have and improve based on your consumption. Go beyond just measuring and strive for positive impact.

Sustainability Data Capture

Collect all your data in one place

Create a single source of truth for your data, whether you're starting at zero or scaling your sustainability practice.

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