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Targets and Goal Setting Feature

Sustainability Targets and Goal Setting

Targets are the backbone of an effective sustainability strategy and indicate your ambition as a hotel. However, you should prioritise progress, not perfection.

When it comes to setting sustainability targets, look at your consumption trends. Then ask yourself, "What feels ambitious yet achievable?"

Therein lies your target.

Sustainability strategy and targets
Sustainability goals

Don’t just tell stakeholders what you’re doing. Show them.

If your baseline shows your stakeholders where you wish to start from, then targets show them where you want to be – and how close you are to getting there.

Targets are not only the backbone of a successful sustainability strategy, they also provide a clear set of objectives for management. They are a yardstick by which other hotels or potential guests can judge your progress.

Armed with this information, you can make a strong case for your team’s progress with data to back it up.

Organisational culture

Empower all the voices in the room.

Sustainability targets give your team something to aspire to; something that can be broken down into achievable milestones so that your team know exactly what to do to succeed.

It’s about stoking friendly competition, continuously improving, and setting a clear direction for your hotel.

Sustainability targets

Get to the bottom of resource inefficiencies.

If you can detect the areas where you're not making progress, you can start to understand why. Only then can you re-evaluate your processes and resource distribution and make smarter business decisions.

With sustainability targets, you're getting powerful data insights that push your team forward and improve your business' profitability in the long run.

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Sustainability reporting

Reporting frameworks built for hospitality

Tailor reports to meet both your hotel’s needs and ESG reporting requirements.

Data Analytics

Transform data you already have, into new insights

Generate rich new sustainability insights from information you already have, such as electricity bills and basic employee information.

Sustainability Guides

Upskill your whole team

Access built-in educational resources written by sustainability experts.

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