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The sustainability management tool for hotels

Weeva is the all-in-one tool for any hotel looking to measure, manage and meet their goals of operating sustainably.

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sustainability tool for travel

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Operating sustainably is something that every tourism business can – and should – achieve.

Whether you're a hotel starting your sustainability journey from scratch, a BnB measuring your water consumption or a safari lodge with a mature conservation setup, you need to take stock of everything you're already doing.

But how do you know if what you're doing is any good?

By measuring every step, learning as you go and setting goals for where you want to be in the future. That's where Weeva comes in: our software equips your entire team at every step of your sustainability journey, from AI-assisted data capture to built-in educational guides and standardised reporting.

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Why Weeva?

Sustainability Management Platform Weeva Ai navigate the system

Sustainability made simple

Sustainability is complex. The biggest hurdle hotels face is understanding where to begin and what to do next.

We've integrated Generative AI into Weeva to bring you a tool that feels less like a smart piece of software and more like a sustainability super-assistant for your whole team.

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Sustainability made practical

"You shouldn’t be doing this [sustainability] for altruistic reasons but for commercial reasons.” - Andrew Dixon, Owner of Award-winning Resort, Cempedak Private Island.


Sustainability shouldn’t just feel like the right thing to do. For many hotels, it consistently proves to be better for their bottom line.

Sustainability Management Platform Pricing

Sustainability made fair


Weeva licenses start at just $750 per year for small properties – that's less than the cost of hiring a sustainability consultant for one day.

With one license, you get complete access to all features and unlimited user accounts.

No hidden costs.

The tool built to make sustainable tourism more accessible and less intimidating.

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