Weeva is a digital system for managing sustainability

Weeva makes sustainable tourism work for you.
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Digital system for managing sustainability - Weeva
Trailer - Funny Old World, a podcast for the eco-curious

Funny Old World

A new podcast powered by Weeva

Our mission is to engage people with the WHY it matters and the how and what to do when it comes to sustainability and tackling the climate emergency — but in simple terms, with a little laughter along the way.

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Sustainable business is good business

Built for tourism from the inside.

Sustainability is the key to making tourism businesses more profitable and resilient in the face of change. But where do you start?

Weeva is your 360° sustainability management platform. It guides tourism businesses like yours through small, actionable steps that, together, have a big impact.

How Weeva works

One platform, all the tools

Understand and act on your business impact. Identify easy wins with smart dashboards and showcase progress with branded reports.

Science-backed holistic approach

Weeva’s 360° framework builds on the established 4Cs approach, enhanced with 18 key interconnected areas to focus on.

Your own mission, no matter your status quo

Create sustainable impact with step-by-step guides to gathering data and making positive, meaningful changes in each area.

Weeva is the tool our industry has been waiting for.

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