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Sustainability Data Analytics

Generate rich, useful insights from the information you already have.

Weeva’s hotel data analytics tools can turn your electricity bills, basic employee information or occupancy rates into new insights on how to operate more sustainably and cut costs.

Sustainability data analytics


See your most important charts at a glance.

Dashboards automatically turn your hotel’s data into live charts that help you track the metrics you care about most.

If you're unsure where to start, (or what to care about!), our sustainability experts have pinned the most important charts to your dashboards.

You can now see your sustainability data in a clean, digestible way which allows you to take immediate action, improve performance and see progress.

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Sustainability data analytics dashboard

Carbon footprint calculator

What is your hotel's carbon footprint per bednight?

The travel and tourism industry is responsible for 8.1% of global greenhouse gas emissions*. But where do you begin to measure your property's contribution to that?

Calculate your hotel’s carbon footprint per bednight with the same honesty, transparency and control as you'd calculate your occupancy rates.

With our comprehensive list of data inputs for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, you'll know exactly which data to collect – and what's missing – to calculate your true emissions. In the process, you may even discover new ways to reduce your utility bills through focusing on consumption reduction.

*World Travel & Tourism Council

Hotel carbon footprint calculator


One input, countless insights.

With just one or two data inputs, Weeva generates a collection of insightful charts. For instance, just your hotel’s electricity bills can generate multiple charts, including your carbon footprint and energy consumption trends.

Charts will not only help you understand more about your hotel’s data, they’ll offer faster, more meaningful answers about your overall operations, and even inspire colleagues to ask and answer new questions.

Hotel electricity bills

More solutions for your hotel

Sustainability Data Capture

Collect all your data in one place

Create a single source of truth for your data, whether you're starting at zero or scaling your sustainability practice.

Sustainability reporting

Reporting frameworks built for hospitality

Tailor reports to meet both your hotel’s needs and ESG reporting requirements.

Sustainability Targets

Set realistic targets

Start with what you have and improve based on your consumption. Go beyond just measuring and strive for positive impact.

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