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Success Stories

Stories stick! Information alone rarely changes knowledge and behavior. Research confirms that well-designed stories are the most effective vehicle for exerting influence.

While Weeva exists to simplify sustainability management and data collection, we know that not a single sustainability journey is the same. Hotels face different challenges and have found unique solutions and ways to overcome hurdles.

These are the stories we want to tell. Something for everyone and at every sustainability maturity level.

Is your story next?

Sustainability stories from hotels using Weeva

Cempedak responsible tourism case study

Cempedak Island

How did an accidental hotelier create one of the world’s most successful responsible tourism businesses on a remote island?

Sustainable Sri Lanka case study

Sustainable Sri Lanka

What is the key to achieving significant savings within tourism? According to this sustainability consulting and advocacy group, it starts with measuring your impact.

Case Study properties

Your sustainable journey

Let Weeva tell your sustainability story for you. We'll connect the dots between action, impact and data.

Grootbos Case Study


How did an award-winning 5-star eco-paradise find a massive leak on their property by tracking and managing their data?

Tswalu Case Study

Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

Conservation and community; holistic sustainability in action.

Luxury Conservation

Morukuru Family De Hoop

Where conservation, preservation and luxury tourism go hand in hand.

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