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The vision behind Weeva

It all started with a vision for a more sustainable, resilient future for the tourism and hospitality industry.


Our story

Sustainability is the key to profitability and resilience in the face of change. But where do you start?

We all want to be more sustainable, but there are so many obstacles. Too much jargon, too many approaches, so much noise.

Weeva was designed by sustainable tourism experts from the ground up, using the latest science to ensure our efforts translate into maximum impact. We focus on using sustainability to create more efficient and resilient businesses.

By bringing all this knowledge and information into one place, explained in simple language, and with clear instructions, we have built something our industry has been waiting for: a 360° sustainability management platform.

Because that's exactly what we need – something to guide us to do better without the guesswork or the effort of searching for the right information.

And we’re building a community of sustainability experts and people who work in tourism, to ensure we can meet every new challenge, together.

Whether you own or manage a single holiday apartment, a lodge in the wilderness or a multinational chain of hotels; we’re here to help you make a meaningful difference.

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What we do

We lead with science

We use data to guide our decisions, measure our impact and be as efficient as possible, and we help you do the same. Our information comes from experts and specialists who know what works.

We unravel the jargon

Sustainability is rife with buzzwords. We care about people, action and impact, so we use simple language and say what we mean.

We put resilience first

Sustainability is good for the planet – but it’s great for business. We champion the use of sustainable action to boost resilience, efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.

Tourism can no longer progress on ideals alone. We have the opportunity to turn idealism into realism, by using technology to take measurable action.

The hospitality industry employs 10% of the world’s working population. We can truly lead the way on sustainability. Let’s make it happen.

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