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Sustainability Data Management

Too often, we believe that sustainability is only for eco-lodges or hotels that can afford sustainability consultants or in-house sustainability teams. This creates a cycle of procrastination and indecision.

Weeva is the powerful, yet affordable solution that enables every hotel to collect and manage their sustainability data in one central place.

Sustainability data management

Customisable KPIs

Start where you are. Use what you have.

Every hotel is unique. That's why customisable KPIs give you the freedom to track your data across the projects that are distinct to your operation. Custom projects fall into 3 themes – community impact, nature protection and infrastructure.

  • Custom KPIs allow you to showcase the positive impact your property has on your local environment or community. An example could be the number of trees planted by guests per month or the number of food packages donated to your local community per annum.
  • Custom KPIs and their associated charts can be added to your reports to communicate your unique efforts and impact.
Sustainability data management projects

Data capture

One platform for the whole team.

By capturing your operational sustainability data on our platform, you keep everything in one place. Remove duplication of effort and improve the quality of your data, stored safely in the cloud.


  • Simplify your hotel’s operations by capturing all data directly on the platform in real-time, or easily bulk upload your historical data.
  • Get your whole team engaged and involved in your sustainability practices by assigning data capture tasks directly within the platform.
  • Spend less time cleaning your data as our platform detects and flags any data errors and inconsistencies.

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Sustainability data management

Data inputs

Work smarter, not harder.

The sheer volume of sustainability data inputs can feel intimidating and overwhelming for any hotel.

Our platform gives you the option to de-select any data inputs that are not relevant to your properties, keeping your dashboards uncluttered and your processes simpler.

For instance, a hotel or lodge just starting their sustainability practice may only want to track their electricity costs and consumption for the year. Once the data proves that you're consistently reducing your electricity costs and consumption, you can select more data inputs (e.g. diesel consumption) and progress on your sustainability journey.

Hotel energy data management

Multiple zone management

How can you reduce your hotel’s energy, waste and water consumption if you can't pinpoint your problem areas?

Zones empower your hotel to pinpoint where resources are consumed, eliminating the guesswork in managing your hotel’s energy, waste and water. With this information at your fingertips, you enable your team to take targeted action to cut resource consumption, which in turn can reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Zones as geographical spaces: get a nuanced view of how your resources are being consumed across different areas on your property. For example, compare water consumption in your laundry area versus your garden.
  • Zones for equipment: Compare consumption across different items of equipment. For example, compare the diesel use of your different generators, or per vehicle in your fleet.
Mutliple zone management water consumption

More solutions for your hotel

Data Analytics

Transform data you already have, into new insights

Generate rich new sustainability insights from information you already have, such as electricity bills and basic employee information.

Sustainability reporting

Reporting frameworks built for hospitality

Tailor reports to meet both your hotel’s needs and ESG reporting requirements.

Sustainability Guides

Upskill your whole team

Access built-in educational resources written by sustainability experts.

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