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Weeva sustainability management platform

Sustainability at your fingertips

A digital platform for all your sustainability needs. Learn, measure and improve your impact with step-by-step guides, dashboards and trackers.

Weeva sustainability management tool


One tool to rule them all

Measure sustainability in your business within a single platform. No need for multiple tools! We’ll show you what to measure and how to record it.

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Sustainability platform

Guidance on your journey

Follow practical advice at each stage of your sustainability journey. Our platform comes with built-in learning resources, created by sustainability experts for your whole team.

Access one of our popular leaning guides on reducing food waste.

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Build on what you have

Don't want to start with a big, round zero? Import your historical sustainability data to see how far you've come already.

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Target practice

Set achievable targets to drive positive change from within your organisation.

Exceeding your baseline and reaching goals is easy with smart calculators and checklists that help you to make smarter decisions and achieve true impact at each property you manage.

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Sustainability strategy and targets

A holistic framework

View curated dashboards that cut through the noise and show off where you’re doing well – made even easier with a progress indicator for each parameter.

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Sustainable holistic framework


Put your best foot forward

Get one-click reports with your own branding to share with your team, your stakeholders and your customers.

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Help at hand

And if you get stuck? Consult a Weeva expert for one-on-one support that will have you back on track in no time.

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Start small with a 15-minute demo

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Weeva Pricing

Weeva is designed to democratise sustainability, which means our pricing is flexible without compromising on features. Access the full Weeva platform at a price that works for the size of your business.

  • Capture, manage and view your data on ONE platform
  • Educate your team with useful guides
  • Embrace sustainable practices with guided tasks, tools and surveys
  • Report on your impact
  • Take advantage of secure, unlimited cloud-based storage
Discretionary discounts available to Groups and Collections


Data-driven impact

Weeva’s 360˚ sustainability framework

Weeva’s holistic approach to sustainability is designed by business experts, sustainability scientists and specialist partners.

Weeva's framework is built on the 4Cs, conservation, community, culture and commerce, pioneered by our partners, The Long Run. This is an established foundation for sustainable change. Within the 4Cs are Weeva’s parameters - 18 interconnected areas that need to be managed holistically for a business to be sustainable and resilient.

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