Funny Old World
A podcast for the eco-curious

with Juliet Kinsman and Simon London

An edutaining easy-listening podcast about all things eco, powered by Weeva.

"Our mission is to engage people with the WHY it matters and the how and what to do when it comes to sustainability and tackling the climate emergency — but in simple terms, with a little laughter along the way.” Juliet Kinsman, sustainability editor, consultant, broadcaster.

In each episode, Juliet and Simon discuss serious topical sustainability stories and cultural affairs, and chat to thought-provoking experts. And let’s face it, everyone’s feeling a little sustainability fatigue, and while we also need to know the facts, goodness knows we also need a little joy in our eco-anxiety-riddled lives.

Season One
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"Why are we having this conversation? From my perspective, I really want people just to care more about how we can all do more, to tackle the challenges and just understand it better."

About the hosts

Funny Old World was created by Juliet Kinsman, a London-based journalist and sustainability expert who is the first-ever Sustainability Editor of Condé Nast Traveller. Author of The Green Edit: Travel — Easy Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveller (2020; Ebury) and The Bucket List Eco Experiences: Traveling the World (2022; Rizzoli), she’s been in the media for more than 25 years. Founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, she created purpose-led non-profit consultancy Bouteco in 2016 to help brands to be better storytellers, free of greenwash. She was part of the think tank to create sustainability management system, Weeva.

Asking the all-important questions is Simon London who’s been working in front and behind the camera for almost 25 years, well-respected as a talented media all-rounder. The Mirror’s former TV critic, he has held executive television roles at Fremantle, RDF and the BBC where he was a Creative Head of Comedy. He’s now on the frontline of digital media working as a Social Content Director, Head of Original Programming and Content for Africa Media Works’ Yanga TV, winning the channel a Screen Nation Award in 2019. Since 2021 he has been a commissioning consultant for Snapchat.

Both are contributors to BBC Radio London.

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Produced by Bouteco, co-produced and edited by Mark Machado of 11-29 Media.
Recorded by Andy Hughes in Love Electric Studios, North London.

Funny Old World is powered by Weeva, supporting independent thought and provocative dialogue.