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ECO-NOMICS: How sustainability is better for business — and people and planet

As ever, Juliet and Simon dance between delivering easy-to-follow eco tips and high-level expert advice. Tackling the most serious of sustainability topics with gusto and good cheer, they don’t just bring listeners the problems — they showcase the solutions in the climate crisis conversation, and present here simple hacks to save money by being greener — at home and in business. The two guests this episode making businesses more sustainable and cost-efficient, and the key to adapting financial systems to do more good.

“So I think it's great to think about all these little hacks that we can do, but it's also important to think of the biggest levers that can be bold when trying to work out systems change.” Juliet introducing Zita Cobb.

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A snapshot of our guests

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Zita Cobb, social entrepreneur, founder of the Fogo Island Inn in Canada, is modelling how local communities can thrive in the global economy. Check out her Economic Nutrition Certification Mark which sets the benchmark for financial transparency. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality,” said architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller almost a century ago. “To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” This visionary hotelier and community economist doesn’t just preach this sentiment, she is modelling a new community-supporting place-making way of running a business.

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Julie Cheetham is renowned in the tourism sector for her expertise in sustainable development and business transformation. Based in South Africa, she’s leading a team democratising this wisdom as Weeva. We also have this 360-degree sustainability management platform to thank for making this podcast series possible. Weeva's technology enables a system of measurement and a user-friendly framework following 18 parameters, covering everything from carbon emissions, water and waste to staff satisfaction and cultural conservation.

High-level thinking made digestible and do-able — as ever, this episode of Funny Old World provides a better understanding of the basics, and how to help tackle the climate emergency.

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Produced by Bouteco, co-produced and edited by Mark Machado of 11-29 Media.
Recorded by Andy Hughes in Love Electric Studios, North London.

Funny Old World is powered by Weeva, supporting independent thought and provocative dialogue.

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