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CARBON. We need to talk about carbon.

Helpful tips on ways to decarbonise our daily lives, how to measure carbon footprints, pondering the meaning of Net Zero, Juliet and Simon look back at history and grill two experts on our actions in the past, today, and how to work towards a greener world when it comes to greenhouse gases.

“… the beauty of finding ways that work is finding those things with co-benefits, things that you can change in your life that will reduce your (carbon) footprint but also bring a better additional benefit to you. So for me, a great example we're getting more and more is about insulating your homes or your offices so that they use less and less energy. The less energy you use, the smaller your bills.” Charlie Cotton.

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A snapshot of our guests

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Charlie Cotton is the founder of ecollective, a carbon footprint consultancy, created to bring a more numbers-based approach to sustainability. Charlie is passionate about helping customers know what their footprint is today, and what it needs to be next year. Giving businesses the numbers, strategies and guidance, they need to take quantifiable action on the climate crisis and hit net zero sooner rather than later. Before ecollective, Charlie worked within the travel and events industry designing products and working with suppliers.

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Angela Terry is the founder of One Home: Positive Solutions, the UK's first one-stop shop on climate action providing independent advice on adapting to and preventing global warming. Angela is an environmental scientist with over 25 years' experience in renewable, clean energy; including on-shore wind, hydro, solar and biomass (organic) schemes.

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Produced by Bouteco, co-produced and edited by Mark Machado of 11-29 Media.
Recorded by Andy Hughes in Love Electric Studios, North London.

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