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Landscape-level research & climate change

Hosted by: Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

by Tatjana Baleta

At Weeva we are all about sustainability across all aspects of our business. We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling – and we don’t just mean our waste! So when we come across features that resonate or inspire change, or by authors that share our ethos and vision – we love nothing more than to share them.

Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

In this webinar, Dr Andy Cunliffe and Mthokozisi Moyo tackle the question “How does landscape-scale research contribute to climate conversations?” The speakers examine the interplay between landscape and climate, and how land surface models can help us predict climate activity. We love the emphasis on curiosity and the importance of continuously challenging how we think about and facilitate the two-way flow of knowledge between land managers, researchers and conservationists.

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