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Is a conservation economy worth it?

Paying the Price

Hosted by: Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

by Roving Reporters

At Weeva we are all about sustainability across all aspects of our business. We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling – and we don’t just mean our waste! So when we come across features that resonate or inspire change, or by authors that share our ethos and vision – we love nothing more than to share them.

Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

This webinar by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation delves into the question of whether a conservation economy is ‘worth it’ – with the short answer being ‘Yes. Absolutely’. Dr Sue Snyman brings to light the many challenges that arise in creating economically sound conservation choices, as well as the huge potential of the wildlife economy. There’s a webinar to watch, too. Brimming with metrics and statistics, the piece offers a well-researched picture of the growth opportunities for wildlife economies in Africa, and a nuanced view of the ethics and sustainability of the wildlife trade. Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes and Professor Brian Child explore the issues of ownership and land use, looking into the barriers facing African wildlife economies, such as climate change, soil degradation and deforestation – issues close to our hearts here at Weeva.

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