Say goodbye to greenwashing

How to tell your sustainability story, transparently.


Published 7 December 2023

A one-hour masterclass hosted by sustainability experts Juliet Kinsman and Julie Cheetham.

Juliet and Julie talk frankly about the most important things you need to know (and steer clear of) to keep your brand language transparent, accurate and clean from greenwashing.


Topics covered in this Greenwashing Webinar:

  • The rise in virtue signalling. And who are the heroes and zeroes?
  • How to avoid greenwash. What are the best terms and labels?
  • Why you need to back up those claims. We need science and data to understand our impact.
  • The latest legislation. How to develop good habits for mandatory reporting.
  • Listen up! Who are the voices you can trust?

Download our Webinar Notes with links to referenced articles, industry experts and recommended resources as well as a checklist to keep you clean.


About the hosts

Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Weeva | Executive Sustainability at Nianova, Oppenheimer Generations

Julie is a skilled sustainability consultant with experience spanning over 20 years. Her focus lies in sustainable development and business transformation. Having worked for a range of clients across the hospitality and corporate sectors, in 2021 Julie drew from her diverse insights and was part of the initial group of thought leaders to found Weeva – a SaaS platform that will enable the travel industry to adopt a measurable and holistic sustainability practice.

Juliet Kinsman

Juliet Kinsman

Sustainability Journalist | Speaker | Consultant | Founder of

Juliets is a London-based journalist and sustainability expert who is the first-ever Sustainability Editor of Condé Nast Traveller. Author of The Green Edit: Travel — Easy Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveller (2020; Ebury) and The Bucket List Eco Experiences: Traveling the World (2022; Rizzoli), she’s been in the media for more than 25 years. Founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, she created purpose-led non-profit consultancy Bouteco in 2016 to help brands to be better storytellers, free of greenwash. She was part of the think tank to create Weeva.

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