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How can we build inclusive wildlife economies

Connecting Communities

Hosted by: Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

by Roving Reporters

At Weeva we are all about sustainability across all aspects of our business. We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling – and we don’t just mean our waste! So when we come across features that resonate or inspire change, or by authors that share our ethos and vision – we love nothing more than to share them.

Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

This webinar by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation is a brilliant guide to building inclusive wildlife economies and how communities could play a bigger role in wildlife sustainability, spurring economic growth in turn. We’ve included this in our hub because it focuses on creating sustainable businesses by mobilising local knowledge and natural resources, which is a key concept in Weeva’s Nature Protection parameter. Experts Professor Victor K Muposhi, Dr Tariro Kamuti and Chanda Mwale offer insights into how African communities are harnessing the potential of wildlife to create new, sustainable businesses. We particularly like the dos and don’ts, and the exploration of the government’s role in such programmes.

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