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Can carbon credits really work for Africa?

Hosted by: Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

by Yves Vanderhaeghen

At Weeva we are all about sustainability across all aspects of our business. We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling – and we don’t just mean our waste! So when we come across features that resonate or inspire change, or by authors that share our ethos and vision – we love nothing more than to share them.

Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation

Another great resource from the Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation Tipping Points series, this article looks at the question of whether carbon credits can work for African businesses, including some fascinating facts. Did you know that Africa, for example, produces less than 4% of the total global CO2 emissions and absorbs double the amount it releases? The piece weighs up views of the global north and south. We love the optimistic view that the experts offer, the focus on the importance of the African perspective and the role that African scientists can play in producing better data and reducing the uncertainty surrounding carbon credits and offsetting.

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