Weeva at
We Are Africa

15 - 18 MAY 2023

DHL Stadium | Cape Town

Before the event begins...

We call on you, We Are Africa tribe

The only way to keep the beauty of African travel alive for the next generation, is through measured and managed sustainable tourism operations.

But sustainability can be very daunting.

Getting (and keeping!) employees enthusiastic about sustainable practices can be challenging.

And the best sustainability consultants come with hefty fees.

The solution?

This May, Weeva is joining forces with We Are Africa to share with the tribe just how easy, transparent, and impactful sustainability can be.

Catch us at Open House where we’re curating the Sustainability Stage, pop by our lounge during the show, and join us for some sustainably sourced cheese and wine on Tuesday evening.

Weeva makes

doing good,

good for business

Connect with Juliet Kinsman and Simon London,
hosts of the Funny Old World podcast,
as they edutain us on the Open House Sustainability Stage
at Cabo Beach Club on Monday, 15th May 2023.

Join them as they navigate the biggest sustainable travel trends
and unpack practical advice from members of the tribe,
thoughtfully curated for those eager to learn but unsure where to start.

How to win at sustainability

15 minute power talks — in conversation with experts

Juliet Kinsman | Sustainable luxury expert and journalist
Simon London | Broadcaster and digital content specialist

Book a slot to tell your sustainability story
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Clean-wash the greenwash

How to communicate data-led impact for maximum results. Best practice case studies to ensure you nail your marketing messaging

Julie Cheetham | Founding Member and Managing Director at Weeva

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Meet Tuk South

The TikTokkers sharing their secrets to purpose-led content which converts

Tuk South have had 6m views on TikTok — four smart young solutions-led content creatives and activists who’ve travelled from Kenya to Cape Town by tuk-tuk raising awareness and funds for wildlife rangers on the frontline of the poaching crisis

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The Nest, your space to unwind and (re)connect

We’ll have a quiet space in The Nest (our version of the Slow Lounge) to unwind from the crowds,
a cheese and wine evening on Tuesday for our more “sociable Weevas”, and more.

We know that making sustainability a fun, simple business habit is a challenging act,
which is why our sustainability consultants will be in The Nest, ready to help you map out your
sustainability journey (don’t forget to bring along your roadmap to the event!).

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The Nest

Weeva’s hospitality zone where the tribe gets together to meet, mingle, and create unforgettable memories.

Available throughout the event.

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Sustainably sourced Cheese and Wine Evening

All of the tribe are welcome. Please do drop in.

Tuesday, 16 May, 5:30pm

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The Nesting Booth

Come share your stories with our sustainability experts on the Funny Old World podcast.

Available throughout the event.

A few of the leading luxury travel brands using Weeva

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Tell us your sustainability goal, and we'll send you a practical roadmap to get started.
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