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Zero Pollution

What is Zero Pollution?

Weeva’s Zero Pollution parameter is about the minimal use of toxic contaminants, chemicals and hazardous substances, and the assessment of this across all supply chains.

Zero Pollution will help you to identify harmful chemicals that you use and work out how to reduce their use and replace them with green – but equally effective – alternatives. It will also help you to understand other types of pollution, such as noise pollution, and risks such as pollution from the fuels you use, so that you can ensure your business creates as little pollution as possible.

Reference Source: Zero Pollution Educational Guide

Why is Zero Pollution important?

The disposal of material, solids or liquid waste on surface water or land can result in the contamination of critical natural resources that help keep us (and your business) healthy and alive.

A good deal of waste is not biodegradable or compostable. Instead, it can be toxic and hazardous. Pollution has damaging eff ects on land, water and air, and thus on human and animal wellbeing. No matter where your property is based – in a wilderness or in a busy city – it is critical to minimise as much pollution as possible from your operations. Customers do not wish to see polluted or littered spaces when travelling.

Reference Source: Zero Pollution Educational Guide

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