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Weeva 360˚ parameters

What are the Weeva 360˚ parameters?

Weeva 360˚ has a total of 18 parameters which are grouped under the ‘4Cs’, namely Culture, Community, Commerce, and Conservation. The 18 parameters cover all areas recommended for a business to be more resilient and sustainable. They are not equally grouped under each of the 4Cs, but rather vary in number of parameters.

Under Culture the relevant parameters are: Cultural Heritage, Cultural Celebration, Organisational Culture.

Under Community are the parameters: Community Impact, Employee Learning and Development, Employee Engagement and Wellbeing, and Ethical and Inclusive Labour.

Under Commerce are the parameters of Business Viability, Business Transparency, Sustainable and Ethical Procurement, Customer Experience, and Business Future Proofing and Resilience.

Reference Source: Weeva’s 360˚ Framework

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