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Sustainable Water

What is Sustainable Water?

Sustainable Water refers to a set of practices that maximises efficiencies in water extraction, use, quantity and quality. It is the effective and holistic management of water resources. Through the adoption of Sustainable Water practices, organisations are able to look beyond their immediate supply operations and manage water collaboratively with stakeholders to develop resilient solutions that minimise risks on water in their region.

Sustainable Water management includes; developing water management policies, implementing responsible management practices of water sources and supply, monitoring of water across the value chain, water reduction initiatives as well as stakeholder participation and collaboration. Sustainable Water practices contributes towards safeguarding healthy and functional ecosystems and support the promotion of ecosystem service provisions. Sustainable Water management is the ability to meet current water needs without compromising the water needs of future generations.

Reference Source: Sustainable Water Educational Guide

Why is Sustainable Water important?

Water is the most abundant natural resource covering 75% of the planet. However, just 3% is freshwater of which only 1% is accessible for drinking. The increasing population results in an increase in demand for water resources. Water resources are limited even further as climate change and environmental degradation impacts the availably of fresh water. Meeting the growing demand for fresh accessible water whilst protecting water sources from negative environmental impacts requires changes in how water is managed and consumed.

Sustainable Water management and practices help mitigate short and long term water supply risks such as water leaks and droughts. It contributes to a reduction in fresh water use and extraction through efficient and holistic practices. Adopting Sustainable Water practices also contributes to employee wellbeing as well as attracts new customers that make purchasing decisions based on an organisations sustainability practices.

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