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Sustainable Infrastructure

What is Sustainable Infrastructure?

Sustainable Infrastructure is about the long-term perspective to protect the environment, improve human health and wellbeing through planning, maintenance, and construction, from site selection, design, materials to maintenance plans. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are performed as getaway to project plans.

Reference Source: Sustainable Infrastructure Educational Guide

Why is Sustainable Infrastructure important?

To achieve good development needs on a planet undergoing pressing climatic changes means prioritizing infrastructure that can withstand the associated risks, whilst simultaneously not living long term harmful effects on the natural resources that provide the raw materials needed for the construction of buildings.

Incorporating Sustainable Infrastructure in your building projects promotes:

  • Lower consumption of energy, materials and other resources (e.g., energy efficient building materials)
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., solar PV windows,)
  • Public health and wellbeing (e.g., better air quality and reduced environmental pollution)


Reference Source: Sustainable Infrastructure Educational Guide

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