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Nature Protection

What is Nature Protection?

A cornerstone of the Weeva 360˚ framework is the protection, restoration and regeneration of natural ecosystems and habitats for biodiversity conservation. This important work can be done through direct action, or indirectly by raising awareness of the critical role our industry must play in helping to protect and restore nature. Nature Protection explores the ways in which you can change the impact you have on the valuable ecosystems and habitats that surround and support your organisation. As you’ll see, the benefits of working this way range from short-term boosts to your organisation as you adopt more sustainable and efficient practices and processes, through to long-term benefits, such as the preservation of wildlife that tourists are interested in seeing.

Why is Nature Protection important?

We are all part of the natural ecosystem; everything we do has an impact on the health of that ecosystem. Nature provides us with vital resources – or ‘ecosystem services’ – that allow us to thrive, such as plants, clean air and water. It also provides us with the means to decompose waste, pollinators and tree roots that prevent soil erosion, landslides and flooding. Reference Source: Nature Protection Educational Guide

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