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Employee Learning and Development

What is Employee Learning and Development?

Employee Learning and Development is about employee advancement and support through a variety of learning and development processes. This includes meeting with your employees annually to discuss their progress and future goals.

Why is Employee Learning and Development important?

Empowering your employees to learn and develop improves customer service and satisfaction. This is because customers look at a company’s employees as experts in their field. For example, for any customer related queries, it is critical that your employees are knowledgeable about your company’s products. Although it is okay for an employee to not have an answer to a query by simply saying ‘I will get back to you’. However, it is far better to be to have a detailed and well-informed response that’s satisfactory to your customer.

Overall, when done right (through investment and time), promoting learning and development also improves employee engagement and motivation.

Reference Source: Employee Learning and Development Educational Guide

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