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Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

What is Employee Engagement and Wellbeing?

Employee engagement describes the level of motivation, interest and commitment your employees feel for your organisation. Their wellbeing includes their physical health and safety while at work, as well as their mental wellbeing. There are many different ways your business can have an impact on the wellbeing and engagement of your employees. These include; the benefits you provide and the flexibility of working patterns available, as well as how you communicate with them and the events and activities you organise.

Why is Employee Engagement and Wellbeing important?

There are many business benefits to ensuring your employees are happy, healthy and engaged. Three main benefits can be highlighted such as lower staff turnover and higher motivation and productivity (1), greater resilience, both of individual employees and your business, to cope with changes (2), and improved morale and collaboration (3). Reference Source: Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

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