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Community Impact

What is Community Impact?

Community Impact is about the creation and management of respectful, collaborative and mutually-beneficial community-related projects and engagements. These projects and all engagement must include input from all stakeholders and social groups in the planning and creating of opportunities for positive impact.

Why is Community Impact important?

Many – if not all – tourism businesses benefit directly from the communities around them, either directly or indirectly. It is important to ensure that your business plays a positive role in those communities. This is rooted in the idea of being good corporate – and global – citizens.

There a number of benefits in promoting and enhancing Community Impact in your business, Weeva identifies five main reasons:

  • Improving corporate citizenship (consumers are actively seeking brands that demonstrate the positive impact they have on their communities)
  • Increasing competitive advantage
  • Attracting and retaining investors, employees and customers
  • Enhances reputation
  • Improving support within and from the community

Reference Source: Community Impact Educational Guide

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