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Climate Action

What is Climate Action?

Climate Action is about understanding measurements, practises and actions to minimise climate change. Climate change is simply changes in the Earth’s temperature and weather patterns because of human carbon emissions. It is about striving towards a low carbon and resource conserving economy by adopting practises that are more efficient or renewable energy solutions.

Why is Climate Action important?

Climate Action is important for organisations that want to address the influence and impact of climate change on their business. This is because businesses release CO2 when they:

  • Use energy for lighting and operating machinery
  • Transport supplies by sea, air, rail, road
  • Construct buildings and create products

Climate Action has also become more important from a compliance and regulatory perspective. Furthermore, there is a greater demand from today’s consumers to see how the organisations they spend their money with are stepping up to the climate challenge. Climate Action is no longer a ‘nice to have’ — it’s a vital part of any healthy business.

Without swift drops in global carbon emissions, climate change can increase the risk of droughts, ocean heat waves, heavy floods and other phenomena. By mitigating against these risks, we also reduce the risk of impact of them on employees. For example, adverse climate effects can contribute to exhaustion, anxiety, stress and other physical and mental conditions that can affect wellbeing and reduce productivity. Making positive changes today equips businesses to be able to thrive in the future, too.

Community incorporates 4 of the 18 Weeva parameters which are: Employee Engagement and Wellbeing, Ethical and Inclusive Labour, Employee Learning and Development and Community Impact.

Reference Source: Climate Action Education Guide

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