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Business Resilience and Future-Proofing

What is Business Resilience and Future-Proofing?

In short, business resilience is an organisation’s ability to bounce back from daily challenges or once-off disasters. Technically, it is the ability of a business or organisation to adapt to risks and disruptions, while continuing business operations and keeping its people, assets and brand intact.

Business resilience is PREPAREDNESS. A business resilience plan (or business continuity plan) for your hotel, lodge or property will assist in making your organisation adaptable, agile and quick to recover.


The four key steps of a business resilience plan for hospitality businesses:

  1. Identify how your hotel should function after the event.
  2. Define how you anticipate the potential for an incident and prepare for it.
  3. Determine interim methods of operating the business.
  4. Identify the effect of the company culture on recovering the business.

You want to avoid costly downtime, strengthen vulnerabilities and maintain business operations in the face of additional, unexpected breaches – and this is where future-proof businesses bounce back faster.

Business Resilience and Future Proofing Infographic

What does a future-proof business look like?


Future-proofing your hotel or lodge involves long term planning and investment in your business and your people. Strategic planning and risk management processes take time, and might include elements such as business impact analyses, risk assessments, emergency communications plans, etc.

Your goal is to ensure your business remains sustainable and achieves its objectives, even in the face of adversity. Include your team in the process, so you cultivate a culture of participation and create adaptive capacity within your organisation.


Why is Business Resilience and Future-Proofing important for your hotel?


As we know, the only constant is change. And so, this constant change, increased global competition and continuous disruption require tourism businesses to make rapid decisions and develop new services, products and business models timely.

Just think back to the devastation of the CV19 pandemic and how it impacted our industry. If anything, it highlighted the importance of business resilience, future-proofing, and disaster preparedness. Being resilient means your tourism business can adapt to and survive changes, threats and risks – that may otherwise destroy it.

Future-proofing your hotel means that capability is built to create a strong framework for the business to sustain itself into the future while remaining profitable and achieving growth objectives. Instead of panicking, empower your hotel team to buckle down and embrace the change or even thrive under challenging circumstances.

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Experience Business Resilience and Future-Proof in action with Weeva

Not sure where to start? This is where Weeva comes in, your partner in all things resilience and regeneration in tourism.

Our platform was built with this future-proofed way of working in mind, and our system is backed by consistent data management – to boost efficiency, reduce wastage, and support profitability and business resilience.

We did exactly that for travel brand Design Hotels™ to help its portfolio of independent hotels build data-led sustainability initiatives and to think beyond today.

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Want to learn how Weeva can assist you on your sustainability journey?

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