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Glossary of sustainable terms

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Sustainability in the tourism industry has an impact across many environments and can be described as the ongoing implementation of future-focused best practices that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for future generations.


What does sustainability in tourism entail?

Sustainable tourism considers existing and future economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts while seeking to foster a harmonious relationship between travellers, destinations, and host communities.

Understanding key concepts and sustainable terms within hospitality


There’s a lot of jargon involved in sustainability. Weeva has set out to debunk the mystery behind the theory and jargon and present you with a sustainability glossary that is helpful, truthful and to-the-point.

Below is a list of the latest terms, acronyms and concepts you might encounter on your journey.

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What is ESG?


ESG is the environmental, social and governance factors that encompass the broad concept of sustainability within an organisation. It can contribute to an industry’s longevity and resilience.

ESG practices are measured and managed to mitigate risks for your hotel or tourism business, to build your brand, to assist in achieving economic efficiencies and for good corporate citizenship. When consistently applied and improved on, it can play a role in proving your commitment to the well-being of both the environment and the local communities within which your property operates.

How can I apply the ESG framework to my hotel?

ESG is not just another catchy acronym, but a set of values by which to govern the sustainability best practices within your hotel or tourism business. Also widely referred to as the 3 P’s–People, Planet, and Profit–or the triple bottom line, it represents a set of criteria that evaluates a tourism business’s impact on society and the environment.


Why is responsible tourism important for my hotel?


It’s crucial for the tourism industry to prioritise sustainable best practices (such as the ESG framework) and to promote responsible tourism. By addressing the root causes of over-tourism and implementing effective management strategies, our industry can ensure that tourism continues to benefit hotels, lodges, destinations and properties – and its people – without compromising integrity and sustainability.

Familiarising yourself with the key terms used in our sustainability glossary is the first step to learning and doing better. Join us on the journey of discovery and check back regularly for the latest buzz words.

Building business resilience and future-proofing your business means being prepared. Continue business operations and keep your people, assets and brand intact.

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