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Sustainability guides for hotels

Our practical learning guides will walk you through sustainable tourism best practices, aiming to nudge you through your sustainability journey without without compromising the guest experience.

Get free access to our most popular guides written by sustainability practitioners.

weeva educational guides

Explore our Educational Guides

Our sustainability learning guides offer concrete actions for improvement in simple, jargon-free language.

eliminate single use plastics

How to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from your property

Take the next small step in your hotel's sustainability journey by eliminating plastic bottles.

Engage employees on energy saving

Engage employees on energy saving

5 ideas on how to incorporate energy-saving behaviours into your culture in a fun, effective way.

Engage employees on waste management

5 ways to reduce waste at your hotel

5 tried-and-tested techniques you can use to get your employees excited and proactive about waste management practices.

Sensitive engagement with Indigenous communities

Sensitive engagement with indigenous communities

This free guide offers 7 practical steps to help your hotel provide respectful and meaningful guest visits to indigenous communities.

Managing invasive alien plants

Managing invasive alien plants

4 practical steps to identify and remove invasive alien plants

business transparency

Business Transparency

A transparent business is accountable, authentic and builds trust through transparency across all areas. Learn about the aspects of business transparency with our educational guide.

Employee volunteering

5 steps to setting up a hotel employee volunteering programme

How to create an employee volunteering programme that empowers your employees to give back to local communities.

Reduce food waste guide 2

How to reduce food waste at your hotel

This practical guide will help you develop processes and plans to reduce food waste across your organisation.

water saving task guide

How to get your hotel's employees to save more water

This easy-to-follow guide lays out four steps for improving employee engagement with water saving at your hotel.

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