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WEF Travel Tourism Development Index

Rebuilding for a Sustainable and Resilient Future

Insight Report: May 2022

Published by World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has developed a Travel & Tourism Development Index (TTDI) which rates countries in terms of their travel readiness. The theme of this report is ‘Rebuilding for a Sustainable and Resilient Future’. This report emphasises the importance of Travel & Tourism in creating jobs, most often amongst marginalised communities, and the large number of women who are employed in the Travel & Tourism sector.

Weeva thinks this report is important because it has been developed as the industry standard and is the result of a collaboration between key industry partners and stakeholders. The TTDI focuses on five pillars within the Travel and Tourism sector: Enabling environment, Travel & Tourism Policy and Enabling Conditions, Infrastructure, Travel & Tourism Demand Drivers, Travel & Tourism, and Sustainability.

Executive Summary

The World Economic Forum published the Travel & Tourism Development Index in 2021, based on a benchmarking tool developed with industry partners and stakeholders to rate travel readiness and tourism to promote inclusivity and sustainable development within the travel and tourism sector. The report explores the vulnerabilities brought about by the Covid19 pandemic and geopolitical challenges like the Ukraine war.

The report explores the role of tourism in providing jobs amongst marginalised communities, especially amongst women and youth, and its role in providing unskilled jobs. Travel and Tourism contributes 10% to the global GDP. There is a growing emphasis on sustainability and carbon neutrality within the travel sector, with people seeking more sustainable travel solutions, closer to home. Different regions are explored in terms of their travel readiness, environmental sustainability, and their resilience which allows them to absorb global shocks.

The report highlights the link between tourism, conservation and community development and the contribution that the sector makes, as well as the traveller’s desire to make a positive contribution to host communities and ecosystems within the blue and green economy.

Within the travel and tourism sector, there is an increasing trend towards digitisation, which requires upskilling in some host countries to ensure inclusivity and continued employment within rural areas.

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