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Climate Action Through Regeneration

Unlocking the Power of Communities and Nature through Tourism

Regenerative Travel Inc

Published by Regenerative Travel; Solimar International

Why is this report on our Hub?
The White Paper explores both the good and bad contributions made by the tourism sector, emphasising the role of nature-based solutions to manage, protect and conserve natural ecosystems. 30 tourism businesses from around the world have contributed to the paper, and have shared the ways in which they have incorporated regenerative theory into their businesses, and the challenges and opportunities that arose from implementing these practices.

Weeva loves that this report is published in collaboration with members of The Long Run, and considered the role of small businesses in the Travel and Tourism sector, enabling small businesses to embrace climate change solutions. The paper includes five principles for effective nature-based solutions within the tourism sector. Leaders from within the travel and hospitality sector have added their case studies and best practice for the sector.

Executive Summary

The report utilised the IUCN’s Standard for Nature Based Solutions as a framework for the travel and tourism sector. The travel and tourism sector contributes 8% of the global greenhouse gasses but plays an essential role in implementing quick and effective climate action. The report has identified five principles for effective nature-based solutions which includes: 1. Centre Community Needs First, 2. Improve ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, 3. Embrace diverse and inclusive business models, 4. Develop transparent government structures accountable to all stakeholders, 5. Enhance regenerative partnerships.

In response to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, industry organisations have begun to develop guidance around greenhouse gas inventories, mitigation and strategies for action. Up to 80% of the travel and tourism sector is made up of small and medium enterprises which require targeted guidance for small businesses.

The white paper acknowledges Tourism’s contribution to the health of communities and the environment. Nature-based solutions will enhance human well-being and provide biodiversity benefits, recognising the adaptive power of nature-based solutions as a powerful multiplier related to climate-based solutions. The report encourages tourism businesses to be regenerative, transparent, inclusive and adaptive, acknowledging the role played by nature underpinning our everyday lives.

Read the report: Regenerative Travel White Paper on Climate Action – Regenerative Travel

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