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A Practical Guide to living sustainably in harmony with nature


Developed for World Environment Day 2022

Published by UNEP

Why is this report on our Hub?
The #OnlyOneEarth report provides a practical guide for organisations and individuals to make lifestyle changes to combat climate change. The goal of this guide is to transform our economies and societies into institutions that are fair, inclusive and connected with nature, shifting from harming the planet to healing it. The #OnlyOneEarth campaign highlights the need to reset the balance through transformative changes in how we eat, work and move around.

Weeva appreciates how the #OnlyOneEarth campaign challenges government, municipalities, organisations and individuals to improve their relationship with the planet by looking at where we invest our money, the goods we purchase, the energy we consume and the waste we produce. This guide formed part of a global campaign to support Earth Day 2022. This guide encourages ambitious actions and accountability from the corporate to the individual level.

Executive Summary

The #OnlyOneEarth campaign looks at solutions that are already available, affordable and scalable to encourage actions that support sustainability by transforming consumption, production, infrastructure, investment and land-use in an effort to halt further biodiversity loss. Through these actions, we can clean up our air, water and soil, and still achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, enabling humanity can come together to prevent further environmental catastrophes. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to become the transformative change by making better daily decisions by setting in motion new policies, planning and investments. The report encourages accountability from companies and from disinvestment in companies that cause environmental degradation.

The report considers the protection of biodiversity, as well as transformation in the way in which global trade and transport systems operate, how we build and live in our homes, cities and places of work, where our money is invested, our food systems and what we do for fun.

The report focuses not only on the role of government and local government, but also considers the role of non-profit organisations, faith-based organisations and individuals to bring about the required change.

Read the report: WED2022.pdf (

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