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Weeva unveils AI capabilities at Phocuswright, as new ‘Hot 25’ Startup

James Lever, Chief Techonology Officer for Weeva, unveiled new AI capabilities at Phocuswright, as Weeva was named one of PhocusWire's Hot 25 Travel Startups.

by Weeva
Published 17 November 2023
James Lever, CTO of Weeva, launching the platform’s new generative AI function at Phocuswright, Miami, Florida
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For over 25 years, the travel industry’s most influential leaders from around the world have attended The Phocuswright Conference – visionary thinkers and innovators with powerful, groundbreaking ideas among them.


On 14th November 2023, at the Phocuswright Conference in Florida, Weeva announced that it is set to become among the first sustainability management platforms for travel and tourism businesses to integrate generative AI capabilities.

The announcement was made by Weeva’s Chief Technology Officer, James Lever, who gave a demo of the beta version of the platform’s new capabilities during a presentation on Phocuswright’s Innovation: Launch stage.

You can watch his presentation online here.

Travel and tourism companies are under intense pressure to ramp up their sustainability efforts – from consumers, from investors, and increasingly from regulators,” Lever said. “But despite their best intentions to rise to the challenge, many of them have absolutely no idea how to start. Through our new AI-powered capabilities, we aim to make it easier than ever for businesses to start – and succeed – on their sustainability journeys.”

PhocusWire’s Hot 25 Travel Startups 2024

During the conference, Weeva was also named one of PhocusWire’s Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024, which recognises innovative companies that are set to make a mark in the industry.

The class of 2024 included (alphabetically listed): Acai, Autoura, Blockskye, Boddy, BookingData, BTP Automation, Deal Engine, Dharma, Direx, Eilago, Grazzy, Greether, Jerne, Kabuk, Katanox, Kindred, Legends,, SquadTrip, The Host Co., Travlr ID, Turneo, Unravel,  Venus Aerospace and Weeva.

An innovative, award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Weeva is designed to democratise cutting-edge sustainability management for the travel and tourism industry. The integration of generative AI will take Weeva’s capabilities to the next level. Using natural language, the platform will walk users through the process of becoming more sustainable, help them analyse and understand their data, and pinpoint opportunities to accelerate progress. The large language model that underpins the new capabilities has been trained on Weeva’s proprietary materials, which have been developed by sustainability experts.

These new capabilities come at a critical time; with up to 90% of consumers now seeking sustainable options when travelling, there is an urgent need to support businesses to meet the growing demand.

Since its launch last year, Weeva has been adopted by over 200 properties supporting 400 users around the world and has been instrumental in helping travel and tourism businesses set and achieve their sustainability targets.

AI powered data

In early 2024, it will roll out the beta version of the new AI capabilities to a select number of users for testing.

Properties keen to be included in the beta trial for AI can register their interest here.



About Weeva
Weeva is a pioneering Software-as-a-Service platform designed to democratise access to cutting-edge sustainability management tools for the travel and tourism industry. The platform helps travel businesses of all sizes access best-practice, science-based, and data-driven sustainability solutions


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