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Weeva launches to beta users

The world’s first digital 360-degree sustainability management solution for the travel sector has arrived

by Weeva
Published 3 October 2022

It is estimated that the hotel industry alone is worth over $570 billion worldwide, the travel industry at large is worth $1.6 trillion, and employs over 271 million people – simply put the travel sector has clout. However, that clout is not currently realising its full potential when it comes to mitigating the climate crisis, halting biodiversity loss, and driving social and economic development, despite the apparent will for change.

This thinking was the catalyst that drove Weeva co-founders Julie Cheetham and Lindsey Walter to consider how they might be able to help turn the tide on unsustainable practices within the travel sector. Their vision is to usher in a new era of net-positive impact across the board, from BnBs, to luxury safari lodges, boutique urban boltholes, to corporate travel hotel chains. The answer, they concluded, lies in data – or the lack thereof.

“How can you map where you’re going if you don’t know where you are? So many within the travel sector want to do better but don’t have the means or knowledge to know where to start. We wanted to break down the barriers of entry to sustainability and demonstrate that everyone is welcome, and everyone can make a difference so long as they have a central data repository that clearly tracks where businesses are when it comes to the impact of their operations,” says Weeva Co-Founder and Managing Director Julie Cheetham.

Weeva is a uniquely designed software as a service (SaaS) platform – accessible on any desktop, laptop, or tablet – that enables users to adopt a measurable and holistic sustainability practice. It does so by offering a 360-degree interconnected system of tools and easy-to-use technology that tracks and reports on net environmental and social impact in real-time. Providing a central repository for data collection, analysis, and reporting. As a result of entering all the necessary data, properties will get a live progress indicator score and can chart where they want to grow. Weeva also supports their continuous improvement journey, with a range of easy-to-use resources.

Weeva’s core framework is built on The Long Run’s 4Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce. This is an established foundation for sustainable change. Within the 4Cs are Weeva’s parameters – 18 interconnected areas that need to be managed holistically for a business to be sustainable and resilient. This diversity of parameters provides users with a more nuanced perspective of their business’s total impact, both positive and negative, that goes far beyond the myopic focus on carbon emissions which misses other key aspects of sustainable operations.

Accessibility, inclusion, and the democratisation of sustainability in the sector is of paramount importance for Weeva and, as such, the platform not only has a low price point – under $1000 per annum per property – but it has also been structured to allow users to make a start, no matter how small, and in whichever of the 4Cs they feel most comfortable. Each journey will be unique.

Furthermore, no matter how small or large a property is, how many guests they cater to, or where in the world they are, using AI Weeva can weigh inputs to ensure that properties see a Weeva progress indicator and data analytics that are relative to their circumstance. This, along with the ability to identify anomalies and weed out any false data, creates both a highly personalised profile and an accurate representation of progress.

“Much like the invention of personal fitness trackers has led to people taking ownership over their health and wellbeing in a way never seen before, Weeva wanted to replicate this behaviour for sustainability practice in tourism. Weeva won’t do the work for you, but it will make it far more achievable and serve as an antidote to greenwashing whilst lending a guiding hand to those who are not able to embark on this journey alone whether that’s due to time, financial, or HR constraints. The important thing is we encourage everyone to just start.” Says Weeva Co-Founder, Director, and Head of Commercial Development at Nianova Advisors Lindsey Walter.

Weeva is currently available to a beta group of hotel properties that includes a range of users from African safari lodges to a Costa Rican jungle camp and even a Cornish pub hotel. And with plans to expand membership later this Autumn, and open to all users in the New Year, Weeva has big plans to be the gold standard for digital sustainability management solutions.

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