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Weeva Launches Pioneering New AI Capabilities at ITB Berlin

Weeva's CTO James Lever presented on the eTravel Strage at ITB Berlin yesterday.

by Weeva
Published 6 March 2024
Weeva AI launches
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“Our mission has — and will always be — to democratise access to world-leading sustainability expertise, and ensure that there are no barriers to building the skills that we so desperately need to support the green transition.”

BERLIN – Yesterday at ITB Berlin – the world’s leading travel trade show – Weeva launched its new AI capabilities in an industry-defining first for the travel and tourism sector. Since providing a preview of the new AI features at the Phocuswright Conference in October 2023, the formal launch now means that the award-winning sustainability management platform is the first to integrate generative AI capabilities into its user experience.

The demonstration on ITB Berlin’s eTravel Stage – which coincided with the launch of the platform’s AI features for users – was made by Weeva’s Chief Technology Officer, James Lever, who provided the vision behind why Weeva has enhanced its platform with generative AI.

James Lever, CTO for Weeva

James Lever, Chief Technology Officer for Weeva

“There is a real opportunity to drive innovation in the travel and tourism sector through the application of AI and support organisations to take practical steps that bring them closer to being truly sustainable. Our mission has — and will always be — to democratise access to world-leading sustainability expertise, and ensure that there are no barriers to building the skills that we so desperately need to support the green transition.”

The platform provides users with conversational access to our library of industry-leading resources, tap into Weeva’s in-house expertise, and streamline ways of reporting on sustainability. The new capabilities have been developed in partnership with users during an extensive trial period and they will continue to be refined as users continue their sustainability journeys with Weeva.

Weeva’s decision to integrate AI has come at an important time for the sector, and in particular, hospitality businesses. Research on the attitudes of hospitality staff towards sustainability and the perceptions they hold of their employers indicates that there is a growing expectations gap. 87% of hospitality staff say that they are eager to receive training on how to upskill themselves in sustainability, but only 27% view their employer as being proactive in prioritising sustainability initiatives.

The global green skills shortage – estimated to be 7 million – is a growing concern, but innovations in technology offer the potential to not only future-proof businesses with the skills they need and reduce their environmental and social impact but also address mounting expectations of businesses from their staff.

An innovative, award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Weeva is committed to bridging the green skills gap and instigating behaviour change from the inside out; offering all staff within a business using the platform the opportunity to learn and develop sustainability skills.

Since its launch in 2022, Weeva has been adopted by over 200 properties — supporting 400 users — around the world and has been instrumental in helping many travel and tourism businesses set and achieve their sustainability targets. Its pioneering approach to sustainability management has been recognised by PhocusWire, which names Weeva as one of its Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024. Earlier this year, Weeva was formally recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) – the international governing body for sustainable tourism – as a ‘GSTC-recognized standard for hotels’.

For further information or a demonstration of Weeva’s platform, please visit Weeva will be at ITB Berlin between 5-7 March and attending Phocuswright Europe in Barcelona between 10-12 June.


About Weeva

Weeva is a pioneering Software-as-a-Service platform designed to democratise access to cutting-edge sustainability management tools for the travel and tourism industry. The platform helps travel businesses of all sizes access best-practice, science-based, and data-driven sustainability solutions. Weeva has developed partnerships with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Design Hotels, Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection, and ATTA. In 2023, Weeva received the global Responsible Tourism Award for ‘Best for Addressing Climate Change’. For more information, please visit

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