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1 Hotel – Earth Day Special

Sharing stories to Inspire Impact. Special LIVE Earth Month episode, spring 2024

Your Funny Old World hosts — Juliet Kinsman and Simon London — return with special guests from Campaign for Nature and Asylum Speakers to explore the transformative power of exponential storytelling at the nexus between nature and climate justice. They don’t shy from some of the toughest topics — managing to elicit a little laughter along the way. Recorded in Dover Yard at 1 Hotel Mayfair in London.

Discover why…

  • Biodiversity is so important in the climate conversation.
  • The water crisis is one of our most urgent challenges today.
  • Better gender equality benefits everyone.
  • Migration and the movement of people affect us all.

…And why Juliet has a climate denier to thank for bringing home one of the most important messages: how can we help humanise those people already at the sharp end of the climate crisis?


A snapshot of our guests

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Katy Roxburgh from Campaign for Nature — helping to protect 30 per cent of the planet by 2030.

Giel Malual of Asylum Speakers — model, law student, advocate for refugee rights, South Sudanese speaker.

Thanks to the hosts for the evening 1 Hotel Mayfair, 3 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DL

Asylum Speakers — buy the book and listen to the podcast by Jaz OHara which takes you on a journey across the world… without you having to go anywhere.

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