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The Background

In a global context increasingly focused on sustainability, residing within a protected area underscores the imperative to prioritize sustainable practices. With advancements in science and innovation, an organisation like the Morukuru Family are now empowered to actively contribute to environmental conservation.

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The Approach

At Morukuru Family Madikwe, numerous impactful projects have been initiated, both large and small, to enhance sustainability efforts. Yet, the journey towards sustainability is ongoing, with constant opportunities to refine and improve practices.

The Challenges

  • Improving and lowering power consumption throughout the lodge and making staff power conscious.
  • Continuing to source local produce where possible and using only seasonal produce.
  • Getting all of the staff to efficiently recycle and categorize in a quick and easy manner.


green energy

Solar Power

Thousands saved from new solar powered system. Slashing costs of running the diesel generator during load shedding


Food Waste


Staff education on recycling and waste assortment

Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • The Lodge has managed to get completely off the grid.
  • Our new solar system is a stable power source and we don’t need to run the generator saving on thousands of rands of diesel during load shedding.
  • All old geyser-type systems have been replaced with more efficient heat pumps.
  • Staff have been taught and upskilled about more effective recycling and waste is now divided into the correct categories.
  • Staff training and education on the efficacy of small changes being amplified in the long term.
  • Education on the various systems works to get the whole system to run more efficiently and become the most sustainable into the future.

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