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Five active steps taken by Tswalu to create a brighter future



1. Appointing a Sustainability Officer to compile and distil all the data from across the operation

Prince Ngomane has a pivotal role at Tswalu. As the head of sustainability, it’s his job to assess the data from every aspect of the operation, and initiate the required changes to chart a sustainable course.

Prince uses Weeva’s digital platform, allowing for an up-to-the-minute account of every department for a complete picture of Tswalu’s efficiency.

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2. Building a clinic that’s free for all those within 100km of the reserve

It’s one thing having a free clinic for your staff, but since making it available to the wider community, Tswalu has gone from seeing 500 patients a year to almost 500 per month.

In so doing, they have reduced the time that patients need to travel for healthcare, taken pressure off clinics further afield, and provided an invaluable service to thousands of people in need.

3. Employing local products, ingredients, and talent

It’s not just the obvious benefits to the community; by building sustainable relationships with local providers, Tswalu is giving a much needed boost to the local economy and uplifting the lives of businesses, families and their dependents.

William Goatsene’s story is just one example. Born and raised in the Kalahari, William is Tswalu’s head tracker. His knowledge of the wild is unsurpassed and his employment has enabled him to build a house, send his children to school, and support others within the community.

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4. Creating a vibrant research department that hosts scientists and students from all over the world, and informs all conservation decisions

Conservation is the beating heart of Tswalu’s regeneration ambitions, and their thriving research department plays a pivotal role in determining the future of the reserve. This is where data is essential to understanding what has gone before, and knowing what is likely to come.

Dylan Smith and his team at the Foundation recognise that their role is bigger than Tswalu, and having both regional and global significance. With Weeva’s digital platform, their learnings feed into those of the organisation as a whole, and allow Tswalu to see beyond the boundaries of the reserve.

5. Ensuring that guests are complicit and valued for their contribution to the reserve and the Tswalu Foundation

Tswalu’s guests are fundamental to their conservation ambitions, so it’s essential that transparency and education define the guest experience.

By remaining true to their vision and keeping their guests in the loop regarding their plans and ambitions, their guests feel valued and involved. After all, it is thanks to their patronage that foundation exists. And by being able to point to progress and success through the application of data, Tswalu is able to show their guests the difference that they are responsible for. 

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