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Progress makes perfect

Constant improvement rather than immediate solutions

The Challenge

As part of Tswalu’s promise “to leave the world better than we have found it”, the reserve decided to work on creating net positive impact in all operations.The challenge is that Tswalu is located in a remote region in the Northern Kalahari that makes it unique to visitors. But this location and its extreme winters make power supply management a challenge.

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The Approach

With no immediate neighbours, the journey to bring in supplies is long and heavy on fossil fuels. A move towards more local and environmentally responsible suppliers would decrease emissions and make for a more authentic guest experience.

The Result

From the introduction of solar energy to the banning of single-use plastic, the planting of indigenous trees to menus that shine a light on local ingredients, sustainability is not a means to an end, but an evolving journey that defines Tswalu’s existence.

Tswalu uses Weeva to capture and measure the data on all resources used on the property to better understand the impact each is having on the venue. The introduction of solar is already making a difference on their energy expenditure. It’s also reduced on generator operations expenditure.


Saving over 50 000 (kWh) of power p/m



863kg recycled waste collected p/m

80% reduction in waste to landfill


resources 1

 85% Klein Jan Restaurant and

5% of Tswalu fresh produce locally sourced



Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • Introducing solar energy to the staff complex and planning an expansion across the property
  • Banning of single use plastic from hospitality and staff community
  • Turning black water into grey water and reusing it for animal consumption and watering plants
  • Staff village clean-up – creating a staff culture which embraces nature protection
  • Planting of indigenous trees
  • Introduction of recycling bins in staff accommodation
  • Running a free community clinic
    Sustainability Targets

    Clinic serves over 500 patients per month

    Sustainability reporting

    45% Parameter engagement

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