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By George!

A boutique hotel that has embraced a sustainable future by partnering with Weeva and diving in the deep end.

The Challenge

Although it is an urban property, The George supports conservation projects with a nature protection mandate. Needing help to track their data across the 4 C’s of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, they were hoping to see a positive return while charting a sustainable way forward.

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The George
The George

The Approach

Rather than dip their toe in, The George launched into a comprehensive use of the Weeva platform to effectively track their carbon footprint per room night, energy consumption, conservation projects spend, research projects, employee demographics & turnover, as well as occupancy.

The Result

By embarking on this progressive approach from the outset, The George is revolutionising its operations while measuring and tracking all their important metrics and giving the business a baseline from which to improve. With the added bonus of attracting a clientele with a similar sustainability focus, and the ability to report easily and effectively to stakeholders, The George is discovering that it pays to take sustainability seriously.



Electricity Consumption

38kWh  per guest night 2008 29kWh per guest night 2023


Food Waste

Food Waste

0.22kg per guest night 2022 → 0.14kg per guest night 2023

Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • By applying cost benefit analysis to a wide range of metrics, they are able to action effective changes to their operations instantly.
  • Reporting to stakeholders and board members is easy, and backed by data.
  • Enticing guests with a like-minded sustainability focus has been an easy and spillover benefit.

Sustainability Targets

Carbon Footprint: 8.63kg  per room night

Sustainability reporting

Conservation Project Spend: NZ$10,500

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