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An inspiring case study of Sustainable Sri Lanka working to drive data-led impact with Weeva.

Sustainable Sri Lanka

The hospitality and tourism industry is at a crossroads, where sustainability can no longer be a nice-to-have, it needs to exist at the core of every business. Navigating the complexities of sustainable tourism can be challenging but those who embark on this journey will gain a wide range of benefits, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced employee retention and loyalty, compliance with regulations, and, if done right, generate impact worth sharing.

Meet Sustainable Sri Lanka, a sustainability consulting and advocacy group in Sri Lanka that has made leaps and bounds in assisting tourism businesses including Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts, Teardrop Hotels and Uga Escapes to make headway on their journey to sustainable operations. Their mission? To advance sustainability standards, concepts and frameworks to help Sri Lankan businesses and the broader tourism industry comply and implement long-term sustainability practices. Their secret weapon? Weeva.

Miguel Cunat, Sustainable Sri Lanka’s Senior Partner and Sustainability Consultant, underscores the transformation Weeva has brought to their operations, testifying to the versatility and seamless integration of the platform into their consulting work and daily operations.

Weeva Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Sri Lanka’s tangible progress with Weeva

According to Cunat, saving money and optimising resources is the bedrock of sustainability. “Weeva is saving us money. The age-old saying ‘You can’t manage what you cannot measure’ is the key to seeing real savings. Since we started using Weeva, we’ve been able to address what appeared to be excessive consumption we would have otherwise probably overlooked.”

He further notes that from a sustainability management point of view, not having to wait for and compile information saves a tremendous amount of time and shifts the focus toward interpreting data and implementing meaningful changes.

“Before implementing Weeva, managers would need to wait till the end of the month or the quarter for a report; now, reporting is live and up to date.”

Weeva Reporting

Useful features for holistic sustainability

Cunat appreciates the comprehensive and versatile nature of Weeva that extends beyond just an environmental focus and over-emphasis on carbon footprint. Weeva encapsulates aspects of social projects, HR, community engagement, and governance – the holistic spectrum of sustainability – all within a single user-friendly platform.

“Each parameter comes with an explanation and a list of suggested tasks which is very useful. It not only gives you a placeholder for information but provides you with ideas you can implement and a tracking mechanism for you to do so.”

Moreover, Weeva serves as the linchpin for mid-sized to large companies looking to adopt a sustainable approach to business operations.

“It’s the tool that underpins the implementation of your action plan, allowing you to assign tasks and track progress across various sustainability areas. It becomes your reporting tool as well, which is incredibly useful and efficient as opposed to having to spend hours compiling information into a comprehensive sustainability progress report, it creates the report for you.”

Weeva platform activated parameters

An ally in the journey towards sustainable tourism

Weeva is not just a tool for sustainability experts like Sustainable Sri Lanka; it’s an enabler for all tourism businesses to monitor and manage all aspects of sustainability, from energy and water consumption to waste management and purchasing practices. Like a diligent assistant who never sleeps, Weeva will help you to ensure that no excessive consumption goes unnoticed.

Sustainable Sri Lanka’s successes are a testament to the transformative potential of Weeva. Their use of the platform showcases how Weeva is a catalyst for sustainability, a partner in progress and a force for positive change in the world of sustainability management.

“I strongly recommend getting started sooner rather than later. It’s as simple as activating a parameter and inputting basic data, such as monthly kWh consumption.”

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