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Community means everything

Helping those closest to benefits everyone

Setting the Scene

Lengishu House is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and empowering the local community while providing an exceptional guest experience. This has resulted in certification as the sole ‘House’ and the 12th member of the Long Run Initiative to achieve full GER property status.

The Challenges

Raising awareness about sustainability among staff, community members, and suppliers.

Securing funding for projects without compromising the guest experience.

Initiating community-based projects requires an ongoing need for empowerment of the community.

The Result

Investment into renewable energy and cutting down on generator fuel costs and emissions.

Signatories of the Global Tourism Plastic Initiative (GTPI) to be plastic free property by 2025.

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Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact


Sanitary Pad Program: funded at a nearby school to ensure girls can attend year-round without interruptions, promoting gender equality and reducing absenteeism.


Cultural Immersion: Villages of the Ngare Ndare forest enrich guests’ experiences while generating income for local communities.


Employment: Lengishu provides employment opportunities to the local community to help them meet their basic needs. We empower them by providing training and refresher courses and we also provide internship to students.

property management systemInfrastructure: improved education, setting the foundation for long-term community development.

Sustainability Targets

90% Reduction in plastic use – bulk purchasing and collective supply

Sustainability Targets

70% Reduction in generator cost

Sustainability Targets

Actively Tracking: Energy consumption | water consumption | water extracted | water recycled | waste recycling

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