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Balancing luxury and sustainability is an attractive quality

The Background

Nestled in Marrakech’s breathtaking beauty, La Sultana Hotel is committed to sustainability. Recognizing the urgent need for action, La Sultana continually adapts and innovates, building on its progress in sustainable practices. Set against Marrakech’s rich cultural heritage, the hotel redefines luxury hospitality, proving that sustainability and opulence can coexist harmoniously.

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The Approach

Integrating sustainability into luxury hospitality while prioritizing guest satisfaction presents a delicate balancing act. It requires seamlessly incorporating sustainable practices without compromising the high standards of service expected in luxury establishments.

This challenge calls for innovative solutions and transparent communication to ensure that guests continue to enjoy exceptional experiences while also supporting environmental and social responsibility initiatives.



1000 cultural event participants for 2024

 10% reduction of energy consumption



Cultural Celebrations

Decorative  art  tours

Moroccan cooking classes

+600 Participants in 2023

Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • Installation of a water bottle production at the property which decreases waste and transportation cost and carbon emissions.
  • Local produce – La Sultana enjoys a proud focus on Moroccan produce at all restaurants (and local producers are indicated on the menu).
  • Energy efficiency – tracking consumption on a monthly basis recorded by property. The upgrading to LED wherever possible.
  • Investment into energy efficient air conditioning – optimizing consumptions including best practices to keep a lower temperature.
  • During hotter months when consumption targets are not hit a “Positive Impact Fund” is administered and green initiatives at 50% of CO2 emissions are pledged.

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