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When the hard road is the most rewarding

Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Solutions and Real-Time Insights

Setting the Scene

Jabulani Safari has a special role caring for a herd of orphaned elephants, with the added challenge of land conservation and restoration essential for future generations. It calls for a delicate balance between wildlife preservation and human activity.

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The Challenge

With a lack of funding hindering conservation, an ever-evolving environment requiring adaptive strategies, and the demands of managing daily operations with limited resources, the challenges to a sustainable future are significant. The question is; isn’t that also the argument in favour of it?

The Approach

Financial constraints and business challenges may seem like reasons to avoid sustainability, but they should inspire support for it. Weeva’s platform helps Jabulani understand resource use, enabling more sustainable changes that also benefit the bottom line.

Weeva recycling

Food waste management

The Lodge 35kg – 45kg avg per day

Staff Compound 30kg avg per day

Bokashi food waste compost system 16 drums

Solar energy

Solar energy

500kVA storage

150kVA output

Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • Switching to solar power reduced costs and supported renewable energy commitment, mitigating funding issues and promoting sustainability.
  • Minimizing food waste and recycling maximizes resource efficiency and reduced the environmental impact.
  • The JabuLadies projects empower women, fostering economic resilience and social cohesion in the local community.

Data Matters: Why Tracking Progress is Essential

By adopting a data-driven approach, Jabulani was able to identify areas for improvement, streamline operations, and minimize environmental impact. Transitioning from conventional electricity sources to solar power, and focusing on food wastage were two initiatives that have yielded fantastic results. Having a dedicated staff embrace the changes has made it that much easier.

The JabuLadies Project

Setting the Scene

Initiated by Jabulani Owner and MD, and HERD Founder, Adine Roode, the JabuLadies project aims to inspire, enlighten and empower women around us to create a unique collection of hand-made items and earn an income for themselves and their families.
The JabuLadies initiative focuses on women in the local community who often have to stay home to care for their children, or don’t have access to job opportunities. With the embroidery project, ladies from the community can work from home, and Jabulani Safari does its best towards bridging the gender gaps in equality and income, little by little.

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Jabulani Safari 4
Jabulani Safari 6

save money

Community numbers

23 ladies working

2 fulltime staff

Output per month (average)

sheets of Elephant Dung Paper
Elephant Dung Soap


Mpisi primary nutrition Programme

The supplementary nutrition program running at Mpisi Primary School in the Bushbuckridge municipality, where 350 pupils in Grade R (pre-school) and Grade 1 receive a specially formulated Nkosi Bar three times per week.

Nutrition supplements

4200 bars per month (average)

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