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The Pillars of Growth

If you have a vision, you need a team that sees it too

The Challenge

Recognizing the importance of sustainability in society’s future, 137 Pillars in Bangkok faced a huge challenge getting their team invested and excited about integrating sustainability into its culture. Education and communication would be key to participation, idea generation, and empowering worthwhile contributions.

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The Approach

With a founder and a leadership team all committed to environmental conservation, the task was immediately made easier. Through awareness, training, and a supportive atmosphere, the aim was to overcome any anxiety or resistance that team members might have felt to advancing their sustainability initiatives. Thanks to the initiative of General Manager, Nida Wongphanlert, 137 Pillars would implement a number of sustainable practices, and encourage staff to take responsibility for them.

The Result

It all begins with a plan, and someone who is prepared to lead it. Participation in the Considerate Collection within SLH marked a significant milestone, as did the tireless efforts of a few committed team members. By entrusting committed self-starters to take charge of waste management, the herb garden and compost projects, results came not from clinging tight to important tasks, but by empowering the team.



2% reduction of energy consumption

 30% of waste to be recycled

 5% sustainable and ethical purchasing



Active tracking

Zero waste | Sustainable water | Climate action | Sustainable infrastructure | Employee Engagement & well-being | Employee Learning & Development | Ethical & Inclusive Labour | Community Impact

Sustainable Solutions: Making a Positive Impact

  • Implementation of eco-friendly practices, focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation
  • Prioritizing local procurement to support regional economies and reduce transportation emissions
  • Engaging in Creating Shared Value (CSV) activities, including community outreach and social welfare initiatives

Sustainability Targets

28% overall parameter engagement

Sustainability reporting

THB 230,000 spent on community projects

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