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The thing about tourism

by Julie Cheetham
Published 28 March 2023

It creates jobs and develops essential infrastructure. It drives economic growth and bridges and conserves cultures. It protects critical biodiversity. It remains one of the world’s most important industries, so isn’t it time we started looking after it? 

Everyone wins with tourism. Except when they don’t; the last few years forcing every business that depends on it to look in the mirror. Whatever they saw, it must have been apparent that the environmental and social implications of the industry can no longer be ignored. But beginning a sustainable journey to profitability is intimidating, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that often don’t know where to start, and can’t afford expensive systems or advice.

Enter, Weeva


A digital platform that makes operational efficiency and resilience more accessible and achievable. With sustainability at its heart, Weeva enables independent hotels, lodges, BnBs, and other hospitality providers to monitor, manage, and improve their holistic business performance through a comprehensive suite of tools and processes.


Are you taking notes?


We’ve seen first-hand the importance of protecting our industry from natural disasters. But the resilience required against unpredictable events highlighted an even greater need; to forge dynamic businesses that can weather the storms that we can predict. This is what inspired us to build something that could be deployed globally, to help this sector that we love, responsible for 10% of world employment become more balanced, resilient and successful.


Nobody say the “S” word


Sustainability. This noble and important concept has been tainted by overuse, greenwashing and general fatigue. So, it’s helpful to think of what we do in terms of Impact. Weeva is predicated on the fact that doing good has to be good for business. It’s not about ticking boxes to appease interest groups. It’s about making a positive change in behaviour and business models to produce a desired, and better, long-term result. 

And if that resonates in any way, then perhaps just start with Weeva.

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