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How to start your sustainability journey in 3 steps

Published 23 March 2023

The journey to tourism sustainability doesn’t have to be complex. Here are three steps to get you going in the right direction.

Most tourism businesses understand the importance of building environmental and commercial sustainability into their operations, but many are overwhelmed by what can seem like a complex process.

What steps should you take first? How do you know what to measure? Where do you find the data? How do you set realistic goals for continuous improvement? Where can you find resources and support?

These are common questions from tourism businesses looking to start their sustainability journeys.

There’s good news.

Building a resilient business that’s not only environmentally sustainable but also endures for the next 50 or 100 years doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here’s a three-step process to get started.

Learn, Measure, Set Targets

Step one: Learn


There are many things – beyond energy, water and waste – that you can focus on to improve your sustainability.

In fact, we’ve identified 18 business parameters where you can quickly make a big impact.

Start with understanding the parameters, choose one that makes the most sense for your business, and educate yourself and your team about why it’s important and how you can improve.


Step two: Measure


You can’t improve anything if you don’t understand it. And to understand something, you need data.

Once you’ve decided on a parameter, consolidate all relevant data into a single digital sustainability solution for tourism businesses, like Weeva.

Your whole team can input data into the system, which converts the information into useful charts and graphs for making commercial decisions.


Step three: Set targets


With the system analysing your data in real-time, you’ll soon have a solid baseline of your sustainability performance.

Intuitive visual dashboards show how you’re performing, where you’re progressing,

This makes it easier to set targets and to track and measure progress towards them.


A journey of intention starts with a single step

Sustainability is a series of intentional steps in the right direction that cumulatively get you to a better place. Your journey of intention starts with one step.

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There is a dedicated Weeva support team to help users begin their sustainability journey in a simple way. Start a free trial today to see what Weeva has to offer.

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