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Every bit of positive impact counts

Extracted from the Editor's Letter - Bites and Bytes Newsletter 1

Published June 2022

by Julie Cheetham

Welcome to the first of our sustainably curated news bytes.

I’d like to start off with a question: What do beavers, starfish, kelp, prairie dogs, and bees have in common?

It’s a tough one, right?…

I’ll put you out of your misery. These five relatively small and unassuming species are all critical to their ecosystems. Their existence and behaviours have a disproportionate impact on the landscapes around them. To put it simply, if the species were to disappear from the ecosystem or change their behaviour, no other species would be able to fill its ecological niche, and the ecosystem would be forced to radically change.

Full disclosure, there are much larger keystone species too, like the elephant, wolf, and tiger shark, but there is something particularly thought-provoking about these smaller guys because they are indicative of Weeva’s core belief – that every bit of positive impact counts and a seemingly small action today can have a significant impact tomorrow. This value is reflected by our namesake too – the sociable weaver birds that embody community spirit.

And nowhere is this more apt than within the hospitality and travel sectors, which have the power to fundamentally impact the environments they exist within by making the smallest of sustainable changes to their business operations.

Now, I am the first to admit that navigating what those choices are and what their impacts will be, is hard work. But Weeva, our new sustainability management solution, currently being built and designed by passionate developers and sustainability experts, has been created with the aim of making us all starfish (or beavers, elephants, wolves, take your pick!). Our SaaS platform is explicitly designed to demystify sustainability claims and turn idealism into impact – because, frankly, our future depends on it.

Weeva will enable the travel industry to adopt a measurable and holistic sustainability practice that goes beyond pledges and marketing ploys and recalibrates operations for improved performance and positive impact. By mapping progress against 360-degrees of sustainability parameters, from cultural inclusivity to conservation, commercial viability to community impact, Weeva allows travel and hospitality providers to create an action-focused sustainability journey personal to them.

And with access to best practice sustainability insights at their fingertips, and the ability to transparently measure and track progress and continually generate positive impact, Weeva will make it easier for travel and hospitality providers to improve efficiency, build resilience, and be a better business. Sounds pretty great, right?

Still confused about the importance of the starfish? Well, by keeping populations of mussels and barnacles in check, the starfish ensure healthy populations of seaweeds and, therefore, the health of the entire ocean community that feeds on them.

We think it would be awesome if Weeva can help the travel and hospitality industry do just that – future-proof our businesses while supporting the environments and communities that exist alongside them.

Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham

Managing Director and Co-founder | Weeva

Julie Cheetham a seasoned and highly respected sustainability consultant with over two decades of experience across various sectors from banking to financial services – to tourism. She specialises in sustainable development and business transformation. Julie has worked with several organisations on their sustainability goals including Tswalu Kalahari and The Grootbos Foundation and is also an Executive Sustainability at Nianova, Oppenheimer Generations.  Julie is passionate about people and planet and lives on a farm near Stellenbosch.

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