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A sustainability officer in your pocket

We’re here to put a sustainability officer in the pocket of every hotelier with Weeva AI. Embedding generative AI to bring our always-on virtual assistant to life.

Weeva AI

Weeva AI Beta Launch

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We have a vision for tourism. It’s to empower every business in the sector to quantify its impact on the world — both positive and negative.

A year in we’ve encountered several barriers to adoption. Simply put sustainability isn’t simple. The biggest hurdle our users face is understanding what to do and where to begin.

Meet Weeva AI. We’ve invested in AI technology to give you access to a virtual sustainability officer 24/7. Our developers have harnessed the best of the available tech to better support our users on their sustainability journey.

Weeva is business FOR business and we need you...

We have launched a beta version of our AI-enabled platform and we want you to give it a spin.

Sign up for launch updates or join our closed group of testers, give us feedback on Weeva AI and get a significant discount on your license fee.

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Once we test and enhance our AI-powered features with tourism businesses we hope to make it available to all users in Q1 of 2024. Be a part of this next chapter.

We’ve set an ambitious goal. Not only to build software to serve an emerging profession of sustainability officers and managers — but to steer the industry towards a more resilient and sustainable future. Tech alone will only get us so far. Weeva continues to support and grow our community of changemakers as we operationalise the practice of sustainable tourism and support better transparency around impact.

Thank you for helping us to make every bit count.

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